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Journal Article


International Journal of Computers and Applications, Taylor & Francis, p.1-10 (2019)



Convolutional neural network, global average pooling, ROI pooling, Scalability, Vehicle detection


Deployment of adequate surveillance and security measures is crucial in today’s scenario. The proposed system is designed to handle the surveillance that detects the vehicles present in the traffic. With the evolution of Deep convolutional neural network, the vision-based vehicle detection has reached a higher level in performance. The proposed method deals with the detection of vehicles and capable of handling the distant small-scale vehicles without bothering the image scalability. The method uses Deep Learning along with ROI pooling for handling image scalability. The method consists of a noise-reducing component and the convolutional layers. The method calculates varying scales of the input and does the filtering according to each scale without generalizing. Thereby it handles the image scalability issue. The filter size is small in the proposed method, hence there is a reduction in system complexity and an increase in performance rate. The global average pooling is introduced to the final layers so that the overfitting is avoided. The performance of the system is assessed by the comparison with already established methods for vehicle detection like MS-CNN and YOLO v2 and provides much better experimental results.

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H. Haritha and Dr. Senthil Kumar T., “A modified deep learning architecture for vehicle detection in traffic monitoring system”, International Journal of Computers and Applications, pp. 1-10, 2019.