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Journal Article


Elsevier- AASRI Procedia, Volume 2, p.62-68 (2012)



diode bridge rectifier


<p>The grid integrated renewable energy sources are becoming a common area of interest for power generation in the recent times. The design and development of efficient interfacing technologies to interconnect renewable energy sources with grid is catching a lot of attention among the researchers these days. The interfacing unit becomes crucial as renewable energy sources when directly connected to grid, can inject harmonic components that may deteriorate the quality of power. This paper proposes a mechanism to use shunt active filter as an interface between renewable energy sources and grid with a modified and efficient control scheme. The shunt active filter with this modified controller controls the real power supplied by the grid (source) in addition to its usual functions such as reactive power compensation, power factor correction and harmonic elimination. The non-linear load is diode bridge rectifier feeding resistive load and the unbalanced load also introduced to verify the controller performance. The simulation of the proposed system under both balanced and unbalanced load conditions have been done and the obtained results prove the effectiveness of using a shunt active filter as the interfacing unit for grid integrated renewable energy system.</p>

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K. Ilango, Manitha P. V., and Nair, M. G., “Modified ICosФ Controller for Shunt Active Filter Interfacing Renewable Energy Source and Grid”, Elsevier- AASRI Procedia, vol. 2, pp. 62-68, 2012.