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Blood Cells, Molecules, and Diseases, Volume 50, Number 3, p.182-183 (2013)



adult, amino acid substitution, arginine, binding site, case report, crystal structure, deep vein thrombosis, DNA restriction, gene, gene sequence, genetic association, genetic variability, genomic DNA, glutamine, heterozygote, human, Humans, letter, male, middle aged, missense mutation, Mutation, nucleic acid amplification, point mutation, polymerase chain reaction, priority journal, Protein Binding, prothrombin, prothrombin gene, single nucleotide polymorphism, Sodium, sodium ion, Venous Thrombosis


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S. Sivasundar, Oommen, A. T., Prakash, O., Baskaran, S., R.a Biswas, Nair, S., Mohan, C. G., and Biswas, L., “Molecular defect of 'Prothrombin Amrita': Substitution of arginine by glutamine (Arg553 to Gln) near the Na+ binding loop of prothrombin”, Blood Cells, Molecules, and Diseases, vol. 50, pp. 182-183, 2013.