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Glob J Med Public Health, Volume 1, Number 2, p.3–5 (2012)


Lymphatic filariasis in India contributes to nearly 40% of the global endemic burden. There is paucity of data regarding the association of chronic lymphatic filariasis with diabetes, coronary heart disease and other comorbidities. Case records over a period of ten years from 2001-2010 were reviewed and 113 diagnosed chronic filariasis cases from 13 districts of the state were identified.Prevalence of each of the morbidity with age and sex association was calculated. A total of 82(72.6%) of them were in the age group of 60-85 years. Hypertension was noted in 48, type II diabetes in 46 and coronary artery disease in 43. Filariasis had a significant association with type II diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease (p value< 0.05). Secondary infection. of leg ranging from cellulitis to gangrene was seen in 33(29.2%). Lymphatic Filariasis may be linked as an inclining factor for the development of type II diabetes mellitus and coronary heart disease over 60 years. Secondary leg infections continue in diabetic patients. The immuno- modulatory mechanisms involved needs to be explored. Key words: Lymphatic filariasis, co-morbidities, Southern India.

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S. Krishna, Aswathy, S., Singh, S., KN, P., Dinesh, K., and Karim, S., “Morbidity trends in lymphatic filariasis: analysis from a tertiary care center in Kerala, Southern India”, Glob J Med Public Health, vol. 1, pp. 3–5, 2012.