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Conference Proceedings


ICVGIP ’14, ACM, Bangalore (2014)





This paper proposes a framework for classification of label-free, unstained, leukemia cell lines MOLT and K562 in microfluidics based Imaging Flow Cytometry (IFC). These two cell lines differ in their internal cell complexity in an IFC image. Each cell is localized by finding a closed cell membrane binding internal organelles. An existing non-iterative graph based contour detection algorithm is extended and is effectively used to segment out the cells. Features reflecting the size, circularity and internal cell complexity are extracted and used for classification using linear Support Vector Machine.

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Gopakumar G, Subrahmanyam, G. R. K. Sai, and Siva, G. Sai, “Morphology based Classification of Leukemia Cell lines: K562 and MOLT in a Microfluidics based Imaging Flow Cytometer”, ICVGIP ’14. ACM, Bangalore, 2014.