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Journal Article


SB Academic Review, Volume XVI, Number 1, p.66-76 (2009)


LDPE, Microfibrillar composites, Morphology, PET, scanning electron microscopy


In this work, the morphology of the normal blends, microfibrillar blends and the corresponding microfibrillar composites based on low density polyethylene and poly ethylene terephthalate was analysed. The effect of poly ethylene terephthalate concentration on the size of the dispersed phase was studied. With the increase in PET concentration an increase in the diameter of poly ethylene terephthalate spheres/ fibrils was observed. The poly ethylene terephthalate fibrils with relatively uniform diameter distribution was obtained for 85/15 and 75/25 w/w% blends. The increase in poly ethylene terephthalate concentration developed co continuous morphology in the case of normal blends. The fibrillar morphology of poly ethylene terephthalate was perturbed at its higher concentrations in the case of microfibrillar composites.

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Dr. Jayanarayanan K., George, G., Sabu Thomas, and Kuruvilla Joseph, “Morphology Development of Normal Blends, Microfibrillar Blends and Composites from LDPE and PET”, SB Academic Review, vol. XVI, pp. 66-76, 2009.