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International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Volume 6, Number 6, p.366-371 (2014)



agar diffusion, antibacterial activity, article, bacterial infection, calibration, cefixime, chitosan, drug bioavailability, drug dosage form, drug release, drug solubility, drug stability, melting point, minimum inhibitory concentration, moisture, Morphology, mucoadhesion, mucoadhesive buccal patch, nonhuman, physical chemistry, preformulation, scanning electron microscopy, spectrophotometry, Streptococcus, weight


Objective: The objective behind the study was to develop a bio erodible mucoadhesive buccal patch containing Cefixime trihydrate as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of bacterial infections and their evaluation. Methods: Cefixime trihydrate buccal patches were prepared by solvent casting method. Results: The formulated patches were subjected to various evaluation parameters and all the physical parameters evaluated are within the acceptable limits. The formulation F5 showed maximum release 98.1% while other formulations showed less amount of drug release in 7 hr. The in vitro antibacterial activity by agar diffusion assay demonstrated a significant antibacterial profile of the optimized patch F5 against Streptococcus species. The morphological study by Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) confirmed that the upper surface of patch containing Cefixime (F5) was rough with numerous pores inside it. The stability study proved that the formulation F5 was found to be stable. Conclusion: The prepared formulation also provides a desired antimicrobial sustained drug delivery into the systemic circulation.


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Sreekumaran A Nair, Vidhya, K. M., Saranya, T. R., Sreelakshmy, K. R., and Sreeja C. Nair, “Mucoadhesive buccal patch of Cefixime trihydrate using biodegradable natural polymer”, International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, vol. 6, pp. 366-371, 2014.