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Conference Paper


First international workshop on agent technology for disaster management (2006)


Information Technology has the potential of improving the quality and the amount of information humans receive dur- ing emergency response. Testing this technology in realistic and ∞exible environments is a non-trivial task. DrillSim is an augmented reality simulation environment for testing IT solutions. It provides an environment where scientists and developers can bring their IT solutions and test their efiectiveness on the context of disaster response. The ar- chitecture of DrillSim is based on a multi-agent simulation. The simulation of the disaster response activity is achieved by modeling each person involved as an agent. This flner granularity provides extensibility to the system since new scenarios can be deflned by deflning new agents. This paper presents the architecture of DrillSim and explains in detail how DrillSim deals with the edition and addition of agent roles.

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D. Massaguer, Dr. Vidhya Balasubramanian, Mehrotra, S., and Venkatasubramanian, N., “Multi-agent simulation of disaster response”, in First international workshop on agent technology for disaster management, 2006.