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Journal Article


Procedia Computer Science, Elsevier, Volume 58, p.241–248 (2015)



Camera activation scheme; Target tracking; Observation correlation coefficient; Virtual grid; Target recovery


Camera sensor activation schemes are essential for optimizing the usage of resources in wireless visual sensor networks. In this regard, an efficient camera sensor activation scheme which accounts for fast moving targets is proposed. This is achieved by adapting the number of cameras involved in tracking the target, based on the target's speed. To reduce the target miss rate, a virtual grid-based target recovery scheme is proposed, which attempts to re-locate the target in the case of a target miss. Simulations show that the proposed activation scheme gives a considerable reduction in target miss rate compared to an existing scheme which is based on observation correlation coefficient between camera sensors.

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J. Amudha and Arpita, P., “Multi-Camera Activation Scheme for Target Tracking with Dynamic Active Camera Group and Virtual Grid-Based Target Recovery”, Procedia Computer Science, vol. 58, pp. 241–248, 2015.