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Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics, p.1553-1563 (2019)





The depth information of a scene, imaged from the inside of a patient’s body, is a difficult task using a monocular vision system. A multi-perception vision system idea has been proposed as a solution in this work. The vision system of the camera has been altered with the refractive projection model. The developed lens model recognises the scene with multiple perceptions. The motion parallax is observed under the different lenses for the single shot, captured through the monocular vision system. The presence of multiple lenses refracts the light in the scene at the different angles. Eventually, the appearance of the object dimension is augmented with more spatial cues that help in capturing 3D information in a single shot. The affine transformations between the lenses have been estimated to calibrate the multi-insight monocular vision system. The geometrical model of the refractive projection is proposed. The multi-insight lens plays a significant role in spatial user interaction.


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J. Asharudeen and Dr. Senthil Kumar T., “Multi-insight Monocular Vision System Using a Refractive Projection Model”, in Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics, 2019, pp. 1553-1563.