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Indian Journal of Dermatology, Volume 54, Number 1, p.72-74 (2009)



adult, analgesia, article, blurred vision, case report, clinical feature, cold exposure, constipation, drug efficacy, drug pulse therapy, drug tolerability, dysuria, human, leiomyoma, male, micturition disorder, nifedipine, pain, scopolamine butyl bromide, skin biopsy, xerostomia


A 35-year-old male patient presented to our outpatient department, complaining of multiple, raised skin lesions on the forehead and back, associated with intermittent pain, especially on exposure to cold. A diagnosis of cutaneous leiomyoma (type 2 segmental) was made, which was confirmed by skin biopsy. The patient was started on a trial of pulsed Hyoscine Butyl bromide tablets, following which the patient had significant relief from pain associated with the lesions.


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F. Kaliyadan, Manoj, J., and Dharmaratnam, A. D., “Multiple cutaneous leiomyomas: Pain relief with pulsed hysocine butyl bromide”, Indian Journal of Dermatology, vol. 54, pp. 72-74, 2009.