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Conference Paper


2017 Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies (i-PACT), IEEE, Vellore, India (2017)





Batteries, battery energy storage system, battery storage plants, battery system, Buck converters, DC microgrid applications, DC-DC power convertors, Distributed power generation, Interleaved Flyback Converter (IFC), Load modeling, Microgrid, Multiport DC-DC converter, multiport DC-DC converters, multiport interleaved converter, photovoltaic power systems, Ports (Computers), solar PV source, Switches, Topology, Voltage control


Multiport DC-DC converters help in efficiently managing power and integrating load with multiple sources. An isolated converter is preferred for applications which require galvanic isolation between energy sources, battery system and the load. An isolated multiport interleaved converter which is used for integrating a solar PV source and a battery energy storage system with a dc load is proposed in this paper. The proposed converter operation has been affirmed through MATLAB simulation.

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K. Venugopal and Dr. P. Kanakasabapathy, “Multiport interleaved converter for DC microgrid applications”, in 2017 Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies (i-PACT), Vellore, India, 2017.