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Journal Article


Indian Journal of Science and Technology , Volume 8, Issue 36 (2015)



ground water, Principal component analysis, Water Quality Index, WHO


Ground water is one of the most important resources which play a key role in sustainable development. Over the last few decade, the industrial development and population growth has increased the water utilization which creates stress on both water and land resources. In such scenario, assessment of water quality is essential for proper management and utilization. This paper presents the usage of statistical method like Principal Component Analysis and Pearson Correlation coefficient analysis for analysing temporal variations of the ground water. From Coonoor Taluk of Nilgiri district, various samples were collected to analyse physico-chemical factors. The quality of the ground water and the compositions are to be determined by Water Quality Index (WQI) calculation method. A comparison of each parameter with that of standard permissible limit as recommended by WHO.

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M. Kaviarasan, Dr. Geetha Srikanth, and K. P. Soman, “Multivariate Statistical Technique for the Assessment of Ground Water Quality in Coonoor Taluk, Nilgiri District, Tamilnadu, India”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology , vol. 8, no. 36, 2015.