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Nanodimensional Organostannoxane Molecular Assemblies

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Accounts of Chemical Research

Source : Accounts of Chemical Research, vol. 40, pp. 420-434, 2007

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Arts and Sciences

Department : Chemistry

Year : 2007

Abstract : Organooxotin cages, clusters, and coordination polymers containing [Sn2(μ-O)], [Sn2(μ-OH)], [Sn2(μ-O)2], [Sn2(μ-OH)2], and [Sn3(μ3-O)(μ-OR)3] building blocks have been assembled by the reactions of organotin precursors with phosphonic, phosphinic, carboxylic, or sulfonic acids. Various synthetic methodologies including Sn–C bond cleavage reactions and solventless procedures have been utilized to generate several nanodimensional organostannoxane assemblies. The synthesis, structure, and structural interrelationship of these diverse organostannoxane compounds are discussed. The synthetic knowledge gained to prepare specific organostannoxane structural forms in high yields has been utilized for the construction of dendrimer-like molecules. These contain a central stannoxane core and a functional periphery. The functional periphery can be readily modulated to assemble photoactive, electroactive, or multisite coordinating molecules. The synthesis, structure, and potential uses of these compounds are discussed.

Cite this Research Publication : Vadapalli Chandrasekhar, Dr. Gopal K., and Pakkirisamy Thilagar, “Nanodimensional Organostannoxane Molecular Assemblies”, Accounts of Chemical Research, vol. 40, pp. 420-434, 2007

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