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International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research, Volume 19, Number 2, p.119-123 (2013)



2 hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin, alginic acid, antineoplastic activity, antisense oligonucleotide, beta cyclodextrin, biocompatibility, camptothecin, curcumin, dexamethasone, Diffusion, drug cytotoxicity, drug delivery system, drug formulation, drug penetration, drug release, drug response, drug stability, econazole, emulsion, enzyme immobilization, ethyl cellulose, glutaraldehyde, human, hydrolase, isomerase, itraconazole, ligase, methyl beta cyclodextrin, nanomaterial, nanosponge, nonhuman, oxidoreductase, paclitaxel, particle size, polylysine, polymer, polystyrene derivative, polyvinyl alcohol, resveratrol, review, synthesis, tamoxifen, temozolomide, transferase, unclassified drug, zeta potential


Targeted drug delivery to specific sites is the significant problem which is being faced by the researchers. The development of new colloidal carrier called nanosponges has the potential to solve these problems. Nanosponge is a novel and emerging technology which offers controlled drug delivery for topical use. In this review article, application of nanosponges, its preparation methods and evaluation have been discussed. Nanosponges play a vital role in targeting drug delivery in a controlled manner. A wide variety of drugs can be loaded into nanosponge for targeting drug delivery. Both lipophilic as well as hydrophilic drugs can be loaded into nanosponges. Nanosponge drug delivery system has emerged as one of the most promising fields in life science.


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G. Jilsha and Viswanad, V., “Nanosponges: A novel approach of drug delivery system”, International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research, vol. 19, pp. 119-123, 2013.