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Conference Paper


D. Mohan; A. Vivek


2017 International Conference on Circuit ,Power and Computing Technologies (ICCPCT), IEEE, Kollam, India (2017)





box, Collision avoidance, cooperative overhead transportation, Cooperative transportation, follower robot, leader robot, Mobile robots, motion-planning method, Multi-robot systems, navigation method, obstacle avoidance, PID Controller, Proportional Integral Derivative Controller, robot kinematics, single PID Controller, three-term control, Trajectory, Transportation, wheeled mobile robots, Wheels


The paper presents a method that allows two wheeled, mobile robots to navigate through known environments while cooperatively carrying an object. In the navigation method, a leader robot and a follower robot cooperatively perform obstacle avoidance or they cooperatively transport an object to a desired destination. The two robots are controlled by a single PID Controller. Here, we propose a motion-planning method of two mobile robots for cooperative transportation of an object is proposed. Simulations and experiments verify the effectiveness of the approach for cooperative navigation of two robots. In this problem, two mobile robots have to carry and maintain a box over their body while moving to a desired position. The task assigned here is the cooperative overhead transportation of a box, in which two robots have to carry the box. Little movement error will result in mission failure. This task has various kinds of problems, such as obstacle avoidance and maintenance of stability. All of these problems cannot be solved at once. The controller used here is Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Controller. The stabilization of two robots is the main challenge.

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D. Mohan and A. Vivek, “Navigation of two wheeled mobile robots cooperatively carrying an object”, in 2017 International Conference on Circuit ,Power and Computing Technologies (ICCPCT), Kollam, India, 2017.