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Conference Paper


68th World Foundry Congress 2008, WFC 2008, Chennai, p.419-422 (2008)





Foundries, Investment casting, Liquid state, Liquids, Low temperatures, Manufacturing industries, Molds, Naphthalene, Near-net shape, Phase transitions, Sublimation, Triple points, Wax pattern


Investment casting is one of the emerging fields in the manufacturing industry. It makes use of wax patterns to make the mold, which is then melted out (in liquid state). This can then be reused. The disadvantage of the use of wax is, the mold has to be made of ceramic (or similar substance), which makes it very expensive. The wax can be substituted by a sublime substance (Sublimation of an element or compound is the change from a solid directly to a gas with no intermediate liquid stage. Sublimation is a phase transition that occurs at temperatures and pressures below the triple point).Certain compounds such as naphthalene (a substance that sublimes at low temperatures), can be used. This avoids the use of costly equipments and has many more advantages over wax patterns.


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J. V. Panikulam, “Near-net shape investment casting the use of naphthalene pattern”, in 68th World Foundry Congress 2008, WFC 2008, Chennai, 2008, pp. 419-422.