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Journal Article


Surface Review and Letters, Volume 21, Number 02, p.1450022 (2014)



In this paper, we report the synthesis of polymer coated palladium (Pd) nanoparticles through a single stage reduction of Pd2+ ions by ethylene glycol. Polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP, MW 25,000) is used as a stabilizer. Self-assembled Pd nanoparticles (10–40 nm) were used in hydrogen adsorption studies. Gravimetric adsorption measurements were carried out in a pressure range of 0–26 bar at 293, 324, 364 and 392 K. Saturation for all isotherms was obtained within a few bars of pressure at all temperatures. Maximum hydrogen storage capacity observed was 0.58 wt.% at 324 K and 20 bar. Net adsorption calculations indicated that required tank volume (for storing a particular amount of hydrogen) can be significantly reduced by using a tank filled with Pd nanoparticle.

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Debjyoti Sahu, Mishra, P., DAS, N. I. T. U. N., Verma, A., and Gumma, S., “THE NET ADSORPTION OF HYDROGEN ON PALLADIUM NANOPARTICLES”, Surface Review and Letters, vol. 21, p. 1450022, 2014.