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Journal Article


IJGC, Volume 2, p.63-82 (2011)


Rapid growth in production of automobiles has increased emissions. Automotive control engineers use innovative control techniques to meet the upcoming emission standards. This paper proposes a novel method of employing artificial neural network (ANN) based predictive controller design. The controller predicts the injection duration based on the inputs from various sensors. The results are then evaluated over a simulated engine model developed in AMESim (Advanced Modelling Environment for Simulation), which ensures a green design process with almost negligible carbon foot print. The results obtained are encouraging and promotes the use of neural predictive control. Implementation of the controller will lead to emission reduction.

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C. Arunaa, Devasenapati, B., Dr. K. I. Ramachandran, Vishnuprasad, K., and Surendra, C., “Neural Predictive Controller Based Diesel Injection Management System for Emission Minimisation”, IJGC, vol. 2, pp. 63-82, 2011.