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Journal Article


Computers & Chemical Engineering, Elsevier, Volume 24, Number 12, p.2755–2764 (2000)



Imbalance correlation strategy, Measurement bias, Unbiased estimation technique


This work presents a technique that can completely and accurately identify measurement bias in cases where it is not possible
to use the method of Rollins and Davis (1992, 1993) and where the method of Narasimhan and Mah (1987) fail to perform
accurately. This technique makes use of information contained in the relationship between individual measurements and the
corresponding nodal imbalance. The performance of this method is demonstrated on a problem from the literature that has been
difficult for other methods to handle. In addition, this article discusses how the new technique can be used as a visual monitoring
tool for identifying biased measured variables.

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Dr. Sriram Devanathan, Rollins, D. K., and Vardeman, S. B., “A new approach for improved identification of measurement bias”, Computers & Chemical Engineering, vol. 24, pp. 2755–2764, 2000.