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Journal Article


Int. Journal of Math. Analysis,, Hikari, Volume 4, Issue 28, Number 28, p.1387–1415 (2010)


This paper presents a formulation and a study of an interpolatory cubic spline which is new and akin to the Subbotin quadratic spline. This new cubic spline interpolates at the
first and last knots and at the two points located at trisections between the knots. Application of the proposed spline to integral function approximations and quadrature over curved domains are investigated. Numerical illustrations, sample outputs and MATLAB programs are appended..

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H. T. Rathod, Shrivalli, H. Y., Dr. K.V. Nagaraja, and Dr. V. Kesavulu Naidu, “On a New Cubic Spline Interpolation with Application to Quadrature”, Int. Journal of Math. Analysis, vol. 4, no. 28, pp. 1387–1415, 2010.