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Journal Article


Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 689, Number 25, p.4791 - 4802 (2004)



Bioorganometallic chemistry


<p>A new chiral ferrocene-labelled tyrosine PNA monomer&nbsp;1&nbsp;has been synthesised in good yield in both racemic and enantiomerically pure forms. It is suitable for insertion in various positions of PNA oligomers, a possibility that has been preliminarily demonstrated by synthesising the dimer&nbsp;16.&nbsp;Moreover, in view of possible applications to nucleic acid detection, a preliminary voltammetric investigation on the electrochemical activity of monomer&nbsp;1&nbsp;and its synthetic precursors has been carried out in DMF. It appears that, despite the bulkiness of the PNA monomer backbone, its insertion on the ferrocene group only moderately lowers the latter’s diffusion coefficients and peak currents, thus affording voltammetric detection limits in the order of 10−6–10−7 M.</p>

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C. Baldoli, Falciola, L., Licandro, E., Maiorana, S., Mussini, P., Dr. Prasanna Ramani, Rigamonti, C., and Zinzalla, G., “A new ferrocene conjugate of a tyrosine PNA monomer: synthesis and electrochemical properties”, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, vol. 689, pp. 4791 - 4802, 2004.