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Journal Article


Tetrahedron Letters, Volume 51, Number 44, p.5784 - 5786 (2010)





<p>A new probe system for fluorogenic sensing of mercury ions has been designed and synthesized. It is the first intermolecular reaction-based fluorogenic chemodosimetric probe system for Hg(II) ion recognition. High and low concentrations of mercury ions gave different fluorescence responses that could easily be distinguished by the naked eye. This unique system allows detection of the concentration and presence of the mercury ion.</p>

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W. Xiu Ren, Bhuniya, S., Zhang, J. Feng, Lee, Y. Hoon, Lee, S. Joong, and Kim, J. Seung, “A new fluorogenic chemodosimetric system for mercury ion recognition”, Tetrahedron Letters, vol. 51, pp. 5784 - 5786, 2010.