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Journal Article


International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, Volume 8, p.326-331 (2017)



Fatigue life data is the important factor for designing, high rise buildings, bridge decks, rapid transportation systems and precast structural elements and it should to be modelled accurately. To attain a appropriate modelling data, it is vital to choose a suitable computation method. Two parameter Weibull distribution is frequently used statistical tool for modelling the flexural fatigue failure life exactly. In this article, a flexural fatigue failure life of self-compacting fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) were statistically commanded. Subsequently, a novel energy pattern factor method (NEPFM) has been proposed for the computation of Weibull shape parameter from the data of earlier researcher. The validity of the proposed NRPFM is verified with power density method and other researchers. The results revealed that the proposed NEPFM is appropriate and efficient to calculate the Weibull shape parameter for the flexural fatigue failure applications.

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V. Sriram, R Prakash, K., Gunasekaran, M., M. K. Haridharan, Kothandapani, K., and K. Sireesha, “A new method to estimate Weibull parameter for the fatigue life of self compacting fibre reinforced concrete beams”, International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, vol. 8, pp. 326-331, 2017.