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Journal Article


Dalton Transactions, Royal Society of Chemistry, Number 19, p.3143–3145 (2005)


The synthesis and structure of a novel decanuclear copper(II) cage is reported. The assembly of the cage is facilitated by the cumulative coordinative interaction of tert-butyl phosphonate, 2-pyridylpyrazole and hydroxide ligands with copper(II) ions. Magnetic studies of this decanuclear copper(II) cage indicate complex antiferromagnetic behaviour.

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Vadapalli Chandrasekhar, Loganathan Nagarajan, Dr. Gopal K., Viswanathan Baskar, and Paul Kögerler, “A New Structural Form for a Decanuclear Copper (II) Assembly”, Dalton Transactions, pp. 3143–3145, 2005.