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Materials Research Express, Institute of Physics Publishing, Volume 6, Number 9 (2019)



Alkaline medium, Alkalinity, Chemical compositions, Direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC), Electrocatalysts, Electrocatalytic activity, Electrocatalytic properties, Electrochemical oxidation, Electrodes, Electrooxidation, methanol, Methanol electrooxidation, Methanol fuels, Modified electrodes, Morphology, Morphology and composition, Negative potential, Nickel compounds, Nickel steel, stainless steel, Surface morphology, Zinc alloys, Zinc compounds


<p>Ni-Zn-P catalyst of different chemical compositions is successfully synthesized via simple electroless deposition method on stainless steel (SS) gauze substrate. The electrocatalytic properties of Ni-Zn-P/SS gauze is investigated towards methanol oxidation in an alkaline medium. The Ni80Zn12P8 catalyst coated on SS gauze exhibits higher and more durable electrocatalytic activities with an excellent current density (10.2 mA cm-2) at a negative potential (-0.6 V). The modified electrode is characterized by SEM, and EDX techniques to determine the surface morphology and composition of the catalyst deposited. XRD confirms the presence of hexagonal Ni2P, tetragonal Zn3P2, and cubic Ni-P structure. The surface properties investigated using XPS analysis indicate the presence of the nickel phosphide and zinc phosphide linkage. The BET surface area for Ni80Zn12P8 catalyst coated SS gauze is 6.661 m2g-1. The current density and power density obtained from single fuel cell performance on Ni80Zn12P8/SS electrode for 1 M methanol are 0.107 mA cm-2 and 9.5 mW cm-2, respectively. © 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd.</p>


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M. Sunitha, Sathish, A., ,, and Dr. Murali Rangarajan, “Ni-Zn-P catalyst supported on stainless steel gauze for enhanced electrochemical oxidation of methanol for direct methanol fuel cell application”, Materials Research Express, vol. 6, 2019.