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Journal Article


Advanced Materials Research, Volume 433-440, Singapore, p.2551-2555 (2012)





Algorithms, Environmental noise, FastICA, Harmonic currents, Independent component analysis, Independent components, Information technology, Materials science, Measurement system, Noise elimination, Nonlinear load, Random fluctuation, Topology


In a deregulating environment, Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is used to estimate the harmonic currents of non linear loads as it does not require information about the topology of the network. However, analysis is done by ignoring the effect of various noises that creep into the measurement system. In the present work, the effect of environmental noise on a simple interconnected power system with five buses is taken up. The two algorithms namely Fast ICA (FICA) and Efficient Variant Fast ICA(EFICA) are used for the analysis. A fixed noise is added and it is eliminated using whitening technique The simulation results of both algorithms show that noise elimination by whitening technique is highly successful. However, EFICA gives better results than FICA when random fluctuations of load exist rather than when fixed variations exist. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.


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P. Supriya and Nambiar, T. N. Padmanabha, “Noise based Independent Component Analysis model for harmonic current estimation”, Advanced Materials Research, vol. 433-440, pp. 2551-2555, 2012.