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Volume US7307002 B2, Number US 11/099,339 (2007)



A method is disclosed for the definition of the poly-1 layer in a semiconductor wafer. A non-critical mask is used to recess field oxides in the periphery prior to poly-1 deposition by an amount equal to the final poly-1 thickness. A complimentary non-critical mask is used to permit CMP of the core to expose the tops of core oxide mesas from the shallow isolation trenches.

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K. Dr. Achuthan, Foster, C. M., Kim, U., Kinoshita, H., Raeder, C. H., Sachar, H. Kaur, Sahota, K. Singh, and Sun, Y., “Non-critical complementary masking method for poly-1 definition in flash memory device fabrication”, U.S. Patent US 11/099,3392007.