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Journal Article


Journal of Fuzzy Set Valued Analysis, Volume 2018 , Issue 2, p.49-59 (2018)



Finite difference method, Fuzzy finite difference method, Stability analysis., Uncertain parameters


This paper deals with uncertain parabolic fluid flow problem where the uncertainty occurs due to the initial
conditions and parameters involved in the system. Uncertain values are considered as fuzzy and these are
handled through a recently developed limit method. Here, the concepts of fuzzy numbers are combined with
Finite Difference Method (FDM) and then Fuzzy Finite Difference Method (FFDM) has been proposed. The
proposed FFDM has been used to solve the fluid flow problem bounded by two parallel plates. Finally,
sensitivity of uncertain parameters is analyzed.

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Sukanta Nayak and Snehashish Chakraverty, “Non-probabilistic solution of moving plate problem with uncertain parameters”, Journal of Fuzzy Set Valued Analysis, vol. 2018 , no. 2, pp. 49-59, 2018.