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Journal Article


Applied Mechanics and Materials, Trans Tech Publ, Number 706, p.81-92 (2015)



Dry friction dampers are passive devices used to reduce the resonant vibration amplitudes in turbine bladed systems. In shrouded turbine blade systems, in addition to the stick- slip motion induced by dry friction during the contact state in the tangential direction, the interface also undergoes intermittent separation in the normal direction. The problem can thus be treated as a combination of impact and friction. In this work, the dynamics of dry friction damped oscillators which are representative models of dry friction damped bladed system is investigated. A one dimensional contact model which is capable of modeling the interface under constant and variable normal load is used. The steady state periodic solutions are obtained by multi - harmonic balance method (MHBM). Frequency response plots are generated for different values of normal load using the arc length continuation procedure. The MHBM solutions are validated using numerical integration. A single degree of freedom (dof) model under constant normal load with constant and variable friction coefficients, a dry friction damped two dof system under constant normal load and a two dof system under variable normal load are investigated. In the presence of variable normal load, the system shows multivalued frequency response and jump phenomenon. The optimal value of the normal load which gives minimum resonant response is also obtained.

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B. Santhosh, Narayanan, S., and Padmanabhan, C., “Nonlinear Dynamics of Shrouded Turbine Blade System with Impact and Friction”, Applied Mechanics and Materials, pp. 81-92, 2015.