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Journal Article


Shruthi, S.


International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Research India Publications, Volume 11, Number 7, p.5312-5315 (2016)



<p>Diffusing information by reaching appropriate influenced node in a social network is considered as one of the vibrant and most essential topic now a day. There are many traditional approaches available to identify most influential node in the network topology which works on randomly selecting nodes, identifying “Neighbor connected to it” and “propagation probability”. This research presents a Novel and hybrid methodology for selecting the nodes in social network and authenticates it as dense node with more incidences of edges on it through matrix incidence approach, condense highly connected nodes in the network and consider it as single node. By analyzing the propagation of message between each condensed node using multi-graph connectivity leads us in identifying most influential condensed node having highest connectivity with other condensed nodes in the network. As a result of this process information diffusion achieves highest propagation of message in network. © Research India Publications.</p>


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S. Shruthi, “A novel and hybrid approach that comprises condensation of nodes and implication of multi-graph for message diffusion in the social network”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, vol. 11, pp. 5312-5315, 2016.