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Journal Article


Evolving Systems, Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, Volume 2, Number 2, p.101–118 (2010)


Web caches are useful in reducing the user perceived latencies and web traffic congestion. Multi-level classification of web objects in caching is relatively an unexplored area. This paper proposes a novel classification scheme for web cache objects which utilizes a multinomial logistic regression (MLR) technique. The MLR model is trained to classify web objects using the information extracted from web logs. We introduce a novel grading parameter worthiness as a key for the object classification. Simulations are carried out with the datasets generated from real world trace files using the classifier in Least Recently Used-Class Based (LRU-C) and Least Recently Used-Multilevel Classes (LRU-M) cache models. Test results confirm that the proposed model has good online learning and prediction capability and suggest that the proposed approach is applicable to adaptive caching.

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Dr. Sajeev G. P. and Sebastian, M. P., “A novel content classification scheme for web caches”, Evolving Systems, vol. 2, pp. 101–118, 2010.