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Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Springer Verlag, Volume 41, Number 8, p.3239-3253 (2016)



The major challenge in the utilization of satellite network for the Internet access is its differing nature with wired network. To increase the performance of TCP-based applications over satellite network, performance enhancement proxies (PEP) had been incorporated. However, the existing PEP solutions have violated the end-to-end semantics of Internet applications. To solve this problem and to meet the future needs of the communication network, next-generation transport architecture (Iyengar and Ford in flow splitting with fate sharing in a next-generation transport services architecture, 2009; in A next-generation transport services architecture, 2009. has been proposed. In this architecture, flow regulation functions (flow regulation layer) are factored out from end-to-end best delivery (endpoint layer). As a contribution to this research direction, we propose a novel flow regulation protocol to control the flows in terms of congestion, error and fairness over the Low Earth Orbit satellite environment. Simulation results reveal that the proposed protocol can provide optimized end-to-end performance (high throughput, high goodput and high information efficiency) without violating end-to-end semantics, and it also meets the network-level objective of fairness among the flows.


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Govindarajan J. and Kousalya, G., “A Novel Flow Regulation Protocol to Optimize the End-to-End Performance and Fairness Over LEO Satellite Network”, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, vol. 41, pp. 3239-3253, 2016.