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Journal Article


Tetrahedron letters, Elsevier, Volume 44, Number 10, p.2011–2013 (2003)



On irradiation, 2-methyl-2-ethenyl naphtha-4-chromanone 1 undergoes an unusual intramolecular arene–alkene photocyclisation, followed by rearrangements to give a [,1]benzotricycloundecene, 5.

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G. P. Kalena, Pradhan, P., Puranik, V. S., and Banerji, A., “A novel intramolecular arene–alkene photocycloaddition in 2-alkenyl naphtha-4-chromanones—a short route to functionalised multicyclic systems”, Tetrahedron letters, vol. 44, pp. 2011–2013, 2003.