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Conference Proceedings


European Workshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis, Volume 570, Number 8, Berlin, Germany, p.1-6 (2014)



In this paper, we consider a fault tolerant control system (FTCS) with state- dependent failures and provide a tractable mathematical model to handle the state-dependent failures. By assuming abrupt changes in system parameters, we use a jump process modelling of failure process and the fault detection and isolation (FDI) process. In particular, we assume that the failure rates of the failure process vary according to which set the state of the system belongs to.

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Chitraganti Shaikshavali, Aberkane, S., and Aubrun, C., “A novel mathematical setup for fault tolerant control systems with state-dependent failure process”, European Workshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis, vol. 570. Berlin, Germany, pp. 1-6, 2014.