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Journal Article


Advances in Computing Communications and Informatics(ICACCI) (2015)



This paper proposes a method to recognize human actions from a video sequence. The actions include walking, running, jogging, hand waving, clapping and boxing. The actions are categorized after recognition using a decision tree. Apart from other algorithms, our proposed method recognizes single human actions considering the speed, direction and the percentage of endpoints as a novel approach. In addition to action recognition this paper also proposes an error correction method for removing bifurcation. The system has been checked on various datasets and it performed well.

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M. Geetha, B., A. Suresh, P., R., P., H. M., and UNNI, G. A. Y. A. T. H. R. I., “A Novel Method on Action Recognition Based on Region and Speed of Skeletal End points”, Advances in Computing Communications and Informatics(ICACCI), 2015.