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Journal Article


Acta Horticulturae,(Proc. WOCMAP II 1999) Volume, Volume 3, p.281–288 (1999)


A rapid mass propagation method for Santalum album through in vitro cultivation in liquid media and airlift bioreactor has been developed. Embryogenesis, maturation, and germination were performed in the same bioreactor by the removal of exhausted medium and the input of fresh medium without any subculturing. In comparison to the propagation in agar solidified medium, this process of propagation increases the efficiency of production reduces the time required, and minimizes abnormalities. In the bioreactor, about 3000 somatic seedlings were obtained (59.3% were abnormal) in 6 weeks time, per liter of medium, against about 800 (88.9% abnormality) in 12 weeks in the case of solid medium. About 70% of the somatic seedlings grew to healthy plantlets and tolerated hardening trials, something that was rarely possible for somatic seedlings raised on solid media.

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S. Das, Das, S., Dr. Sanjay Pal, Mujib, A., Sahoo, S. S., Ponde, N. R., S Gupta, D., and Dey, S., “A novel process for rapid mass propagation of the aromatic plant Santalum album in liquid media and bioreactor”, Acta Horticulturae,(Proc. WOCMAP II 1999) Volume, vol. 3, pp. 281–288, 1999.