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Journal Article


Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Volume 8, Issue 24 (2015)



In this paper we try to analyze what is the relationship between number of dengue cases reported with that of the different environmental factors like temperature, rainfall etc. For doing this, we make use of regression analysis along with GIS. This method also helps in predicting the future course of the disease spread as we will be in a position to identify the dependence on different factors. We got a Coefficient of determination R² value of 0.9218, implying that our method is efficient for accurately identifying the relationship between the different parameters and number of cases reported.

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S. Parvathy, Dr. Geetha Srikanth, and Kp, S., “Novel Regression-Gis based Approach for the Analysis of Spread of Dengue in Palakkad”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, vol. 8, no. 24, 2015.