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Conference Paper


Fifth International Conference on ‘Signal and Image Processing (2014)



Restoration techniques of degraded image is still a challenging task, in spite of the sophistication of the recently proposed methods. All show an outstanding performance when the image model corresponds to the algorithm assumptions but fail to retain the edges and fine structure. In this paper, a novel approach for image restoration has been developed. To show the analysis of performance of this noel restoration procedure GUI has been developed. It shows the Restoration of Degraded image on various noises by different Filters. In implementation of the approach first, image is degraded by adding different types of noises in sample images and then convolving images with different kinds of filters (Mean Filters, Min and Max Filters). Proposed image restoration method’s analysis on performances of denoising techniques Graphical User Interface has been developed as a part of this research. In this paper true colour sample images are degraded with different noise and then is restored back. The performance analyis of the present approach with state of art techniques are in terms of mean square error, peak signal-to-noise ratio, and normalized absolute error is also provided. In comparisons with other state of art methods, present approach yields better to optimization, and shows to be applicable to a much wider range of noises

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Dr. Tripty Singh, “Novel Restoration Process for degraded Image (Development of GUI for Restoration of Degraded Image by different filters)”, in Fifth International Conference on ‘Signal and Image Processing, 2014.