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Journal Article


International journal of energy technology and policy, Inderscience, Volume 4, Number 1, p.118–125 (2006)


Active power filters are widely accepted and implemented as a reliable means for solving power quality problems and supplying clean power to the end user. In this paper, a novel three-phase shunt active filtering algorithm is proposed and simulated. The control algorithm is implemented in hardware using simple analog circuits using only a few operational amplifiers. The simulation results and the experimental results prove the effectiveness of the proposed control algorithm. The simplicity and compactness of the hardware circuits involved are an added advantage to the proposed algorithm as compared to other conventional algorithms.

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Dr. Manjula G. Nair and Bhuvaneswari, G., “A Novel Shunt Active Filter Algorithm: Simulation and Analog circuit-based Implementation”, International journal of energy technology and policy, vol. 4, pp. 118–125, 2006.