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Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Volume 5, Number 4, p.749-762 (2019)



<p>There is a requirement to find accurate parameters to accomplish precise dimensional accuracy, excellent surface integrity and maximum MRR. This work studies the influence of various cutting parameters on output parameters like Cutting force, Surface roughness, Flatness, and Material removal rate while face milling. A detailed finite element model was developed to simulate the face milling process. The material constitutive behavior is described by Johnson-Cook material model and the damage criteria is established by Johnson-Cook damage model. The result indicate significant effects of all three cutting parameters on MRR and both feed rate and depth of cut have significant effect on cutting force. Also, feed rate has significant effect on PEEQ and none of the parameters have effect on flatness. © 2019 by the authors.</p>


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K. K., Sumesh C.S., and Dr. Ajith Ramesh, “Numerical modeling and multi objective optimization of face milling of AISI 304 steel”, Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics, vol. 5, pp. 749-762, 2019.