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Journal Article


Global Journal of Research on Medicinal Plants & Indigenous Medicine (GJRMI), Volume 4, Number 12, p.247–252 (2015)



Bhrtyavat Nyaya, Go Dohana Nyaya, Go-Balivarda Nyaya, Kakadanta Pareeksha Nyaya, Maxim, Nyaya, Shilaputraka Nyaya


The simple metaphors used by the ancient people in the colloquial language later technically termed as Nyaya. Afterwards it is used as a tool to define many difficult concepts in a simplified manner even for the common people. Nyayas are widely accepted as an authorized tool to express
the ancient scientific principles. In Ayurvedic texts, mostly the commentators use Nyayas to make the learner understand the concepts in a better and apparent way. The understanding of Nyaya is very much necessary to get clear knowledge about the hidden concepts. The present review emphasizes on various Nyaya and its importance in understanding the basic principles of Ayurveda. Some of such important Nyayas used are - Kakadanta Pareeksha Nyaya, Go-Balivarda Nyaya, Go Dohana Nyaya etc-.

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A. T. Manjusha, Dr. Haroon Irshad, Ramadas, P. V., and Mund, J. Shankar, “Nyaya and Its Relevance in Ayurveda”, Global Journal of Research on Medicinal Plants & Indigenous Medicine (GJRMI), vol. 4, pp. 247–252, 2015.