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Journal Article


Ships and Offshore Structures, Taylor & Francis, p.1-8 (2020)



ABSTRACT Marine transportation is fast witnessing an increased trend towards being all electric. This work puts forth offshore electric floating charging stations (FCS) as the need of the hour for pushing forward the transition from a completely fuel-based propulsion system to electric-powered vessel. Evaluation of a solar photovoltaic-based FCS for electric ships is made in this study and it puts forward novel solutions to enhance the accessibility of ships to the FCS facility on the sea route. One of which is using a remotely operated power carrier vehicle which can be deployed from the vessels to the FCS to meet its power requirements, with suitable communication system. A prototype model of the remotely operated carrier vehicle is also made for analysis. A pole-based charging point structure scheme for FCS is proposed as another solution to access FCS facilities and an initial feasibility evaluation of floating charging stations is also considered in this study.

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Sruthy V., Raj, B., and P. K. Preetha, “An offshore floating charging station for electric ships: accessibility enhancement schemes for recharging”, Ships and Offshore Structures, pp. 1-8, 2020.