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Applied Mathematics E - Notes, Tsing Hua University, Volume 15, p.54-62 (2015)



<p>An open neighborhood k-coloring of a simple connected undirected graph G(V,E) is a k-coloring c: V → {1, 2, …, k}, such that, for every w ∈ V and for all u, v ∈ N(w), c(u) ≠ c(v). The minimum value of k for which G admits an open neighborhood k-coloring is called the open neighborhood chromatic number of G denoted by χonc(G). In this paper, we obtain the open neighborhood chromatic number of the Petersen graph. Also, we determine this number for a family of graphs called antiprism graphs. © 2015, Applied Mathematics E-Notes.</p>


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N. Na Swamy, Sooryanarayana, Bb, Swamy, G. KcNanjunda, and Dr. Geetha K. N., “Open neighborhood chromatic number of an antiprism graph”, Applied Mathematics E - Notes, vol. 15, pp. 54-62, 2015.