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Conference Proceedings


Hisham P M


International Conference on Signal and Speech Processing (ICSSP 2014) (2014)



This paper discusses the methodology to recognize printed Malayalam characters in document images using Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and Euclidean Distance Measure. Optical character recognition (OCR) task is challenging for Malayalam language characters as there exist similarity among many characters. The present work utilizes Active Contour based segmentation technique for character segmentation and performs Singular Value Decomposition operation to represent the character in a low dimensional feature space.
In this feature space, the recognition task is performed using Euclidean Distance Measure. The identied character is then represented in
UTF-8 encoding scheme to get displayed in notepad

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H. P. M, “Optical Character Recognition for Printed Malayalam Documents Based on SVD and Euclidean Distance Measurement”, International Conference on Signal and Speech Processing (ICSSP 2014). 2014.