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Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, Taylor's University, Volume 9, Number 4, p.502-512 (2014)



Metal matrix composites utilises the combined properties of the constituent material that finds applications in various fields. The present study investigates the influence of peak current, flushing pressure and pulse-on time on Electrical Discharge Machining of AlSi10Mg alloy reinforced with 3 wt% graphite and 9 wt% alumina hybrid metal matrix composites. Taguchi's Design of Experiment was used to analyse the machining characteristics of hybrid composites. Analysis of Variance and Signal-to-Noise ratio were used to determine the influence of input process parameters on the surface roughness, material removal rate and tool wear rate. Signal to Noise ratio and Analysis of Variance revealed that peak current was the most influential parameter on surface roughness followed by pulse on time and flushing pressure. For material removal rate, the major parameter was flushing pressure followed by peak current and pulse on time. The most significant parameter of tool wear rate was pulse on time followed by peak current and flushing pressure. Interaction terms also have significant effect on their output responses. © School of Engineering, Taylor's University.


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Dr. Radhika N, Sudhamshu, A. R., and G. Chandran, K., “Optimization of electrical discharge machining parameters of aluminium hybrid composites using Taguchi method”, Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, vol. 9, pp. 502-512, 2014.