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Journal Article


Organometallics, ACS Publications, Volume 22, Number 13, p.2670–2678 (2003)



A simple and general route to the synthesis of organocobaloxime with mixed dioxime ligands, RCo(L)(dpgH)Py [L = dmgH and chgH] (R = Me-Dec), has been described. The crystal structure of four complexes, ClCo(L)(dpgH)Py and MeCo(L)(dpgH)Py [L = dmgH and chgH], is reported. The structural study reveals that both the nonclassical C−H···O as well as the classical O−H···O intermolecular hydrogen bonding is present and leads to the formation of one-dimensional dimeric or polymeric structures. 1H and 13C NMR coordination shifts in the axial pyridine ligand show clear correlations with the chemical shift of the equatorial ligand. These correlations can be rationalized with the aid of the ring current model.

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B. D. Gupta, Singh, V., Dr. Yamuna R., Barclay, T., and Cordes, W., “Organocobaloximes with mixed dioxime equatorial ligands: A convenient one-pot synthesis. X-ray structures and cis-trans influence studies”, Organometallics, vol. 22, pp. 2670–2678, 2003.