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Journal Article


Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Elsevier, Volume 627, Number 1, p.80–92 (2001)



A simple and general route to the synthesis of organocobaloxime with mixed dioxime ligands, RCo(dmgH)(dpgH)Py and RCo(chgH)(dpgH)Py, has been described. The 13C-NMR chemical shifts have been analysed to see whether one dioxime wing has any effect on the other dioxime wing. The first crystal structure of an organocobaloxime with mixed dioxime ligand in the same complex, BnCo(dmgH)(dpgH)Py and BnCo(chgH)(dpgH)Py, is reported.

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B. D. Gupta, Dr. Yamuna R., Singh, V., Tiwari, U., Barclay, T., and Cordes, W., “Organocobaloximes with mixed dioxime equatorial ligands: a convenient one-pot synthesis. X-ray crystal structures of BnCo III (dmgH)(dpgH) Py and BnCO III (chgH)(dpgH) py”, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, vol. 627, pp. 80–92, 2001.