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Journal Article


Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 602, Issue 1-2, Number 12, p.1 - 4 (2000)





BenzylCo(dmgH)(dpgH)Py has been synthesized by the reaction of benzyl chloride with a mixture of CoI(dmgH)2Py and CoI(dpgH)2Py, generated in situ, by the NaBH4 reduction of ClCo(dmgH)2Py and ClCo(dpgH)2Py. A mixture of three products is formed. The first crystal structure of an organocobaloxime with a mixed-dioxime ligand is reported.

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B. D. Gupta, Singh, V., Qanungo, K., Vijaikanth, V., Dr. Yamuna R., Barclay, T., and Cordes, W., “Organocobaloximes with mixed-dioxime equatorial ligands: a one-pot synthesis”, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, vol. 602, no. 1-2, pp. 1 - 4, 2000.