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Journal of experimental pathology, Volume 6, Number 1-2, p.41-53 (1992)



Antigens, article, biopsy, Cervix Neoplasms, enzyme immunoassay, female, fluorescent antibody technique, human, Immunoenzyme Techniques, immunology, isolation and purification, microbiology, Papilloma virus, Papillomavirus, pathology, uterine cervix tumor, Viral, virus antigen


Paraffin sections of biopsies from histopathologically confirmed cases of uterine cervical carcinoma, cervical scrapings from dysplasia, chronic cervicitis, tumour cells from carcinoma of the oral cavity and normal tissues from healthy normal cervix and oral cavity scrapings were examined for the presence of Human papilloma virus antigens. The techniques adopted were the Indirect Immunofluorescence Stainig and the Peroxide-Anti-Peroxidase techniques. The HPV-antigen was present in 38 percent and 41 percent of invasive carcinoma cervix, by PAP and IIF methods respectively. In cervical dysplasia 8-13% revealed HPV antigen while oral carcinoma cells and normal tissue samples were totally negative.


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Dr. Damodaran Vasudevan, Thankamani, V., and Kumari, T. V., “Papilloma virus in cervical carcinoma: detection of viral antigen in cancer cells.”, Journal of experimental pathology, vol. 6, pp. 41-53, 1992.